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Class enrollments are ongoing until cancelled. Your (or your child's) spot is reserved in the class until enrollment is cancelled. 

To cancel an enrollment, please submit a drop request through your client portal or via email - Drop requests must be submitted by the 24th of  the current enrolled month to avoid billing on the 25th for the month ahead. Drop requests submitted on or shortly after the 25th will not be refunded. Access to classes will be granted until the end of that month, and you will be removed from billing for the following month.


We want your child to be able to get their lesson in and for this reason we offer free makeups for MOST classes, for currently enrolled athletes. Makeup tokens are issued through your client portal, and confirmed via email for excused absences that are reported in advance (or in the case of an emergency). You can report a future absence through your client portal or via email.

Private sessions that are cancelled due to facility closure will be given a makeup token. Private sessions that are cancelled by the client are subject to forfeiture of the session. The facility will do its best to offer a makeup, but it is important that you attend your regularly scheduled session as privates are difficult to reschedule.

Makeup tokens expire 30 days from the date of the absence. Once expired, they are no longer available for use. Please schedule a makeup online after the class is missed.

It is important that you attend your scheduled makeup - having a makeup in class prevents us from offering that class to a new student, which is an important part of our business. Once a makeup is scheduled, it is forfeited if not attended.

Makeups MUST be scheduled. Anyone dropping in to makeup a session without notifying the facility could be sent home if there is not room to accommodate an additional student. This is so we can ensure we remain in an appropriate student-to-teacher ratio to maintain everyone's safety.

MOST makeups can be scheduled online. Classes excluded from portal scheduling are Adaptive Group Fitness. Makeups for these classes must be scheduled with our management team - via phone, email, or in-person.

If your type of enrollment is not available, you may makeup the missed session in an alternative enrollment or a Jump & Play session.

Missed classes will not be refunded and tuition will not be prorated for the next month.


  • Log into your Client Portal

  • Select "My Account"

  • Find the Student you are scheduling a makeup for

  • Click "Makeups" on the bottom/left quadrant

  • See "Available Makeup Tokens"

  • Click "Use Makeup Token"

  • Select a Makeup Date

  • Select the class

  • Click "Use Makeup Token"

  • Check for your email for "Makeup Enrollment Approval" 


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