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Meet Savannah!

Athlete Spotlight

Savannah was one of our first Sweet Peas Gymnastics athletes! She has been taking classes with us from the very beginning. 

Savannah loves working on handstands and straddle jumps. She has made so much progress in such a short period of time. We love seeing her confidence improve as she learns new skills!


Meet Drew!

Athlete Spotlight

Drew was our very first Sweet Peas Gymnastics athlete! He brings so much energy and happiness into our gym.

Drew loves to help his instructors set up obstacle courses. He has been practicing bear crawls, crab walks, forward rolls, and various jumps on the tumble track. He is great at identifying different colors on the gymnastics floors.


Meet AJ!

Athlete Spotlight

AJ is our original and the inspiration behind The Adaptive Athlete! He enjoys meeting new athletes who have enrolled with us. He loves greeting them, interacting and cheering them on during their sessions! 

AJ has a primary diagnosis of autism, but never lets that stop him from doing incredible things. He is a star athlete. AJ loves to run and is always seeking sensory input. He recently started practicing running on the treadmill. You'll likely see him jumping on a trampoline at our facility! 


Meet Maddy!

Athlete Spotlight

Maddy was diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis in September 2014, but she never lets that stand in her way of getting things done. Maddy has been crushing her adaptive fitness sessions at our facility! 

Maddy works on core stabilization and upper body exercises to help facilitate her activities of daily living, and lots of stretching. Maddy has been doing incredible things when it comes to dynamic balancing exercises.

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