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We at The Adaptive Athlete provide a safe, friendly and fun environment to facilitate fitness and specialized programs for all ages and abilities. We believe that quality of life can be improved through movement, inclusion and socialization.



"The Adaptive Athlete is a super fun and amazing growth/learning experience for kids. Drew looks forward to going every week, and always leaves with the biggest smile on his face. He always leaves feeling proud of his accomplishments and loves putting his new skills to practice at home. Watching his level of confidence grow is truly remarkable. The Adaptive Athlete has not only built up his confidence, but has also helped to increase his ability to focus while doing tasks."

"Angie just seems so much happier since she's been coming to The Adaptive Athlete."

"I love seeing Savannah so proud of herself!"

"The Adaptive Athlete is an answer to my prayers. Kelson loves it and so do I."

"Victoria loves The Adaptive Athlete and she really needs a place like this for her physical health."

"Thank you so much, Chad loves going to The Adaptive Athlete!"

"Andie is so fortunate to have teachers who enjoy providing her with an active curriculum. Thank you Adaptive Athlete family for all the health and wellness opportunities!"

"Love this gym - they meet each athlete where they are. It is such a fun and positive environment - which is what our kids need, especially now."

"What a Godsend! An AMAZING place for Gabe, and he gets to hang out with one of his MOST favorite people!! Love Brittany and The Adaptive Athlete!"

"We love Brittany and Bianca! They are doing a great job helping our kids. We look forward to going to class every week!"

"Drew love ALL of you so much!! I think he looks forward to seeing you guys more than anything else. Thank you to all of you for making him feel so welcome and comfortable in every class! Couldn't have better instructors."

"Our instructors are Brittany, Bianca and Ryan. We love them all."

"Ms. Brittany and Ms. Bianca are so patient with Miguel."

"We love Ms. Sissy! She is so creative and has great energy with our kids."

"Ms. Jillian and Ms. Sissy do such a great job teaching the 3-year-old class. They are patient and really push the kids to try new things!"

"Coach Ryan rocks! He challenges Trevor every session and really helps him grow."

"Trevor really enjoyed working with Coach Trey. He said, "Mom, he pushed me and he talks about MLB"; great attributes according to my kiddo!"

The Adaptive Athlete, Inc.

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