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  • Now accepting additional students into Independent Living Skills class! Offered Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm

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We at The Adaptive Athlete provide a safe, friendly and fun environment to facilitate fitness and specialized programs for all ages and abilities. We believe that the quality of life can be improved through movement, inclusion and socialization!

We have many classes, camps & events to suit the needs of everyone!


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King Speech Therapy Services is now offering office-based services at The Adaptive Athlete, specializing in working with children of all ages who are experiencing communication challenges or delays. 

King Speech Therapy Services utilizes a client-centered approach, prioritizing opportunities for parent education and coaching.

Please click the link below for more information on services.

The Adaptive Athlete is an inclusive sensory gym in Los Angeles area that provides sports, movement, gymnastics and fitness classes      for people of all ages and abilities. We offer      youth sports training in Riverside, Santa Ana, San Bernardino, and the surrounding areas, as well as individual and group fitness programs for teenage, adult, and senior athletes. Young athletes looking to have fun with movement can enroll in a number of activities including gymnastics, jump and play, and a variety of camp programs. Older athletes will enjoy our power hour, circuit training, adaptive group fitness classes, and adaptive basketball program. For those who would prefer one-on-one movement instruction, we offer private fitness sessions with an instructor who will create a program specifically suited to your personal goals and your ability level. We believe that everyone should get the chance to enjoy the quality of life that comes with movement, inclusion, sensory input and socialization, which is why we offer adaptive classes for individuals of all ability levels. Nearly all classes and programs can be modified and adapted for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.

If you’ve been looking for all abilities fitness in Santa Ana, senior fitness in Anaheim, or adaptive gymnastics in San Bernardino, you have come to the right place. The Adaptive Athlete is Southern California’s top choice for adaptive and inclusive fitness. What does adaptive fitness mean? It means that we offer fitness classes, movement classes, and sports training for all ages and all abilities. We tailor our fitness programs to each individual’s level of physical, cognitive, and adaptive functioning. Whether you are looking for a sensory gym program for your toddler, youth sports training for older kids, or senior fitness classes, each program is designed to ensure everyone feels safe and included. Our group programs also highlight the importance of being social and having fun, so each of our classes are       led by a friendly instructor who is trained to provide adaptive assistance. Individuals who need a little (or a lot!) of extra modifications and assistance are encouraged to check out our adaptive small group classes as well as our private fitness sessions. Our goal is to provide everyone with the chance to experience the fun that comes from movement.

At The Adaptive Athlete we believe that no one is too young or too old to get involved with movement and fitness. That’s why our gym offers sensory and educational experiences for children as young as 5 months old to build confidence, awareness, and other socially significant behaviors that will provide them with a strong foundation throughout their life. We understand that fitness is about more than just getting fit, especially for individuals with differing levels of physical, cognitive, and adaptive functioning. That’s why we offer classes designed to increase confidence and independence in people of any age and ability. Each trainer at our facility understands the importance of adapting movement to the individual, so everyone who takes our classes or one-on-one sessions leaves with a feeling of accomplishment and independence.

Serving Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Santa Ana, Riverside, Anaheim and the surrounding areas, The Adaptive Athlete is Southern California’s leading adaptive sports and fitness facility. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.