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Independent Living Skills Classes at The Adaptive Athlete, Inc.

Our ILS classes teach adults with disabilities skills needed to facilitate functional independence to live alone, and seek gainful employment with or without reasonable accommodations. Prospective students can be added to the program waitlist and will be contacted by a program director to schedule an initial intake assessment. Assessments are to gather baseline information as to how the ILS curriculum can be individualized for each student's unique needs and goals. The Adaptive Athlete, Inc. understands the importance of moving the body and the positive effects that physical activity can have on motor planning, cognitive activity, and mood regulation, thus, physical activity is added throughout the day of ILS.

ILS classes are offered Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm, subject to availability and appropriate staffing.

Program Measurable Goals include: 

  • Personal Care

  • Money Management

  • Social and Safety Skills

  • Food Preparation

  • Computer Research


These goals can be modified and progressed to baseline levels of functioning and understanding to facilitate independent living, and gainful employment. Students will practice building personal finance budgets to purchase necessities and leisure activities, understanding recipes and prepping food, shopping for and correctly storing groceries, appropriate interactions in social settings, understanding safety in the community and cyber safety, and utilizing technology to find places, directions, and how to access the community. Students also work to enhance personal interests that can lead to gainful employment. This program takes place at The Adaptive Athlete facility of 18,000 square feet. Students practice accountability with their individualized schedule and are given opportunities to independently navigating through the facility with given tasks. We partner with local businesses to incorporate exposure to different industries. Community specialists come in on various program days to help teach ILS students, while remaining at The Adaptive Athlete facility. 

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